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Adespoto 5

Adespoto 5 is a senior with name Propella. She is about 12 years young, but still has the energy of a puppy and loves to play. She is exceptionally friendly with people and dogs alike. She is spayed and for her age exceptionally healthy. She only has a bit of an issue with her eye, probably cataract, which is completely normal for her age. She was abandoned and it would be wonderful to find her with a home and a warm couch in her old days. She would love to snuggle with her family and falls sleep in your arms. Let's get her off the streets that no dog should be on, especially not such an exceptionally sweet senior dog who is so pretty. Apply for her and we will get her into temporary foster for you to meet and hopefully fall in love with this beautiful soul.

Currently she lives on the street as both shelters are full and she craves for a home. As soon as there is interest, we will take her into temporary foster to prepare her adoption and make her wish come true to finally find HER family.

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