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Adespoto 4

Adespoto 3 has a name. His name is Mortis, the wise guy. He appeared in 2018 in a place where stray dogs are fed. He was abandoned. He was in terrible shape, discarded by an irresponsible dog owner who refused him basic care. He was skin and bones. Mortis was taken to the vet and has been looked after on the street since.

He craves for a home, he is super friendly and he is a stunning beauty, a German shepherd mix. He loves female dogs and would be wonderful in a home with other female dogs or as a single dog. He is more selective with other males. He is Leishmaniasis positive but with the right care, he will live a very long live.


He is a gem of a dog and will make the best companion. He finally deserves to be happy living in a family who loves this amazing boy and provides him with the right medical care. 

Currently he lives on the street as both shelters are full and he craves for a home. As soon as there is interest, we will take him into temporary foster to prepare him adoption.

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